[Theforum] Evolt redesign - user choice

matt g. mrg at members.evolt.org
Tue Jan 22 08:09:13 CST 2002

I can't remember how much customization was being discussed for evolt. But
here/now we're talking about not just style sheets, but variables that would
have to be set for Cold Fusion to parse the pages. Aren't we?

Just for reference - here's my first and favorite place that let's you
customize. He does style sheet and app-server type prefs (# of results):
tho' it looks like the whole style sheet is not showing up in the text area
that is usually does...

Anyway, customization is interesting if you (uhh, we) can (umm, choose to)
pull it off.

BTW, the site link that Rudy provided in thelist thread about custom CSS has
provided a link back to leo.

> But then again, referrer logs won't tell you always, why your website traffic
> suddenly goes crazy. I had to discover the mystery on my own. If it is not
> from a web site, it must come from an e-mail program. We have been linked on
> Evolt list by Rudy as an example of the site that features "style changing".
> Thanks Rudy! Funny enough, Rudy lives just a couple of blocks west from where
> I live.

Nice work, Rudy.

matt g.

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