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javier velasco lists at mantruc.com
Tue Jan 22 12:07:26 CST 2002

reading the comments form the survey, the secion about members.evolt.org

1.- congrats to dan and matt for the nice help to members (thanks) you
guys rock

2.- some nice suggestions along the lines of what we were already

Do you have any suggestions for making members.evolt.org better? 

A mailing list or message board for those that use the Evolt free web
space to ask questions
  or to air concerns. 

  I would like to see the directory become more fleshed out and
regularly updated. Maybe we
  should focus on making it more of a community-oriented environment, in
which people with
  MEO accounts are encouraged to share/collaborate on projects

Some text on the profile page, maybe?

No, but I have an idea. I might whip up a quick little app that would
allow us to create our
  profiles with name, photo, email, and web link. Just for the fun of

maybe have one or two 'vs' fun competitions where equal grade members
could compete in
  various categories, perhaps even team an 'advanced' member with a
'beginner' to foster
  more a community and togetherness..... guess it depends on the members

Some way where I can see a list of member accounts (for those members
who agree) 

Just a wacky idea here...maybe some simple demo apps for members to mess
with, in their
  own little sandbox? Like a simple shopping cart, web calendar, message
  recommend-it or postcard scripts? I know that brings up security
issues...just a suggestion.

listing at members.evolt.org showing all the accounts on the system. 

i kinda wish that every account was listed somewhere so folks could
peruse them. I
  understand the opt-in policy though.

more of a community, link sites on the service together... 
(1) Hmmm ... get Adian to quit hogging the nachos? (2) An index of
"who's out there" would
  be cool. (3) If the index could contain a selectable link to share.
e.g. Jeff could put up a link
  to his meo.JavaScript Sandbox for example - so others could take a
peek and maybe learn
  some cool JS techniques. [I dunno what the heck I would offer - but I
think it might be a cool
  thing anyway.] 

Is there a directory of members somewhere - with sumaries of their
sites. I remember being
  asked about this a while ago, but I'm not aware of a public members
directory. It would be
  nice to be able to change the name of the account too!

Just more configuration documentation. I'm willing to contribute as I
discover how to do

Javier Velasco
Work - http://www.nurun.cl
Me - http://mantruc.com
Family - http://evolt.org

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