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Hm. Thanks for forwarding that, Madhu. I deal with a similar situation at
work, and it makes me think that we might be okay. Here's why.

The public school district that I work for receives a government subsidy
(called E-Rate) for our Internet connection (to the tune of about $1 million
a year). That subsidy is conditioned on a few different things, but the big
one is that we cannot provide services for employees that compete for-profit
ISPs, specifically home connectivity to the Internet. We provide all kinds
of services that ISPs provide, but they are specific to work: we have a web
site builder (a CMS) for the teachers, but they are only allowed to use it
for work-related posting (no photo albums of the new baby, etc.) and we
provide email accounts for all employees, but those are (theoretically) only
for work, too.

We provide some of that through m.e.o., but we don't (and probably won't)
receive direct subsidies to make those things available.

I guess I would want to know what it is about OWL and the Poynter
Institute's set up that would make posting job announcements competitive
with job brokers, and if it applied to us. Does the Poynter Institute
receive E-Rate funding?


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> Hi folks.
> I'm a subscriber to the Online Writing Lists (OWL) run by the Poynter
> Institute. Recently, a member asked if she could post details of an
> available job to the list.
> The moderator of the list, Steve Outing, then replied with this:
> >OK, I'll elaborate since I see I left out a key phrase that
> >explains this. Poynter is a tax-exempt non-profit. As I
> >understand the issue, services that Poynter provides (whether
> >in-person events at the school or the Web site) cannot
> >directly compete with entities that do the same thing but
> >don't enjoy tax-exempt status. Thus, Poynter can't operate
> >services that compete with media/journalism job services --
> >which would be the case if list rules for OWL permitted
> >posting job openings. Likewise, Poytner has a policy that
> >the institute does not engage in job brokering at the in-person
> >seminars. Managers who send staffers to Poynter training must
> >be confident that their employees won't be picked off by others
> >who might view the institute as a rich pool of available talent.
> >
> >I recognize that with OWL, this is inconvenient. It would be
> >nice to allow job postings. I'll investigate if there's any
> >leeway as far as the list is concerned, but I'm not holding
> >my breath.
> I'm forwarding this because I immediately thought of evolt.org and our
> efforts to become a tax-exempt non-profit entity. If this were to happen,
> and if what Steve wrote is correct, we may no longer be able to list jobs
> on the evolt.org Web site.
> If someone knows more about NFPs and this specific requirement, please
> confirm this. Since it involves abandoning a part of our site, it's
> important that we know.
> BTW, where are we with that NFP application anyway?
> Regards,
> Madhu

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