[Theforum] Final 2001 survey results - Complete.

mantruc mantruc at members.evolt.org
Wed Jan 23 12:31:18 CST 2002

hi Madhu:

what you're talking about is *exaclty* what i already did in the
"suggestions to action" section of

i think it's fine if we developed the conversation from there and add
the new information we're getting by the final results dan just posted.

i know you still think we're starting from zero, please take the time to
read what i already did so we can take advantage of that and not throw
it away.

all i've put up there are proposals, one of them (special contact pages)
has already been dismissed, wich is perfectly fine. but if you all keep
on talking like there was no material already done i'll become
increasignly frustrated :(

that's even the same reason why i haven't updated the page for so
what's the use if nobody's listening?

i left MANY open proposals in the RTF document labeled as "please
can't we just start from there?

Hi Rude.

Since we seem to be at a loss about where to begin with analysing survey

results, I think we should do what you just did i.e., take the questions

one at a time, debate responses - first the percentages and then the
"other" replies - and formulate a list of conclusions from them.

At this stage, let's not debate remedial measures. Once we have sorted
all the feedback and then agreed on what the results mean e.g., "the
section needs to be more prominent on the home page", we'll have a full
list of things we have to fix.

After that, we can take the "to do" list one item at a time and debate
we're going to do about it.

Am I making any sense?

(off to make dinner for some guests. BRB in 2 hours)

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