[Theforum] Comments.. Ratings and whatever

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Jan 23 14:30:39 CST 2002

Hi Folks,

I'll quote a grrr I made on a comment on the web site just a while ago.  Not
sure if my comment went through, since it did blow up. ;)

Anyway, I'd like to discuss this further .. and see if we can resolve the



Here's the article and you can read the comments .. the grrr I posted was in
response to the second comment Adrian posted .. but I don't want to single
him out specifically, as I think there's a bigger issue here.


My grr:

huh ?

So, now we're discussing ratings within an articles comments??

This should really be on theforum .. yet I wanted to see how the grr's were
"shitting" .. so far, nothing I see wrong.

Anyway .. ratings are anonymous .. they should be individual .. we have NO
criterion for rating an article, whether its a news article, a code article
or whatever.  Unless you want to change the ratings system to something like
"was this article useful to you?" .. that might give us a better idea of why
a person rates an article a certain way.  Otherwise, all we're doing is
guessing as to why a person rated an article how they did.  For example, a
simple intro article to PHP might be highly rated by myself, as I thought it
was well written and useful to me since I know squat about the subject.
Whereas, the same article might be rated poorly by someone with more
experience, because it was of no use to them.

Anyway .. I really wish people would (a) stop bitching about a particular
article's rating; (b) propose a solution to better quantifying the ratings;
and (c) quit trying to change a person's rating because *you* don't think
that type of article deserves to be rated since its not in a particular
category (i.e. Matt's complaint of Dan's bday announcement article .. sorry
Matty, we're even now ;).

Back to the comment on this article .. discussing ratings and asking if
someone rated an article a certain way sucks.  Regardless of who that person
is.  How many of our site visitors will realize that the comments are
directed between two admin members who disagree now and then on issues such
as this?

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