[Theforum] Fwd: Job posting policy

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Thu Jan 24 19:35:17 CST 2002

Martin wrote:

> On Wednesday, January 23, 2002, at 03:17  pm, mccreath wrote:
>> The public school district that I work for receives a government subsidy
> I'm wondering if that's a condition of your subsidy (ie specific to
> your situation), or if it's general law that NFPs can't do anything
> a for-profit does. It sounds to me like your funding is more in a
> place of "Don't let the buggers waste our money on fun^W stuff
> unrelated to the stated purpose of their grant"

That's specifically what I was getting at, albeit really badly. I'm
curious about this other list that Madhu mentioned and what about
*their* NFP status prevents them from posting jobs.

Ours (the district's) is very specific to the subsidy, and it's actually
more of a non-compete clause so that we don't go handing out dial-up
accounts for free.

It was more of "here's a specific example of how NFP status affects one
group" than anything else. I actually think evolt.org is probably okay
wrt our activities.

> Because I'd be surprised if there's a valid NFP service which
> *isn't* provided by a commercial operator which is in competition
> to some extent:
> * housing
> * education
> * healthcare
> etc

Oh, absolutely, but I would imagine that there are some constraints
placed on them as far as what services they can provide, or dollar
amounts or something. Again, I think it bears some investigation, but I
bet we can get our bases covered with some sort of "membership" clause.


[ As a side note, an exception was just made to the E-Rate rules that
allows some small villages in rural Alaska to provide discounted Intenet
access to residents if the only other option for access is to pay
long-distance rates, which is usually the case once you get more than 50
or so miles outside of one of our 5 major urban areas. ]

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