[Theforum] 'Headlines' announcement list

Filip Salomonsson filip at netdesign.se
Fri Jan 25 12:00:10 CST 2002

Madhu Menon wrote:
> At 10:12 PM 1/25/2002, Filip Salomonsson wrote:
> >How about creating a separate announcement mailing list for
> >the "Headlines" messages (and other public announcement-ish
> >messages)? That is not to say they shouldn't be posted on
> Hi Filip.
> Yeah, we've debated this a lot. I (and many others) were in favour of it.
> Um, but what was the final decision, guys? It's late and my brain is only
> in first gear.

Ah, cool. No need to go over it again, then. Provided that someone
remembers the decision, of course. :)

> (we should really be recording these decisions on that wiki perhaps)

Perhaps. But maybe (as someone mentioned earlier) things should be
stored someplace else once they reach "decision" status.

> >Shorter URLs: <http://shorl.com/>
> Really cool site, man. I liked it, especially the statistics part.

Thanks! Glad to hear that. Tell your friends. ;)

> Now if only you could put in a way to email the stats URL to people,
> it would be smashing :)

That's.. uhm.. well, somewhere on the todo list. I'll bump it
up a notch or two (along with more detailed stats). Thanks a
bunch for the input.

trained by sea lions.
Shorter URLs: <http://shorl.com/>

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