[Theforum] 'Headlines' announcement list

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Fri Jan 25 21:27:23 CST 2002

> i don't recall us getting into some desision

javier, i got bad news for ya, that only gets worse as you get older    ;o)

i have trouble remembering what colour socks i got on

[ made you look! ]

we agreed we wanted a mailing list

(as distinct from a discussion list, a mailing list goes one way, from
server to subscribers, with no return)

some wanted to call it a newsletter

the idea was that there would be many, many people and organizations
interested in receiving notification of new articles on the evolt site

right now they would have to be subscribed to thelist to get these

nobody disagreed with the idea -- an announcement mailing list has enormous
potential for increasing evolt's visibility in the web community

where we had some disagreement was in the implementation

several people insisted that it was necessary to allow people to opt in to
this service

a contrary opinion was that since subscribers to thelist were currently
getting the announcements, they had already opted in, more or less

i believe this was where the conversation died, undecided as to whether to
get everybody to subscribe to the announcements list or simply carve it off
from thelist with whoever's currently subscribed

are we ready to vote, or does it need more discussion?

[  ] start a brand new list and have everybody subscribe to it
[  ] carve it off from thelist with all current subscribers
[  ] some other idea?


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