[Theforum] Re: 'Headlines' announcement list

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Sat Jan 26 13:36:39 CST 2002

rudy wrote:
>are we ready to vote, or does it need more discussion?
>[ ] start a brand new list and have everybody subscribe to it
>[X] carve it off from thelist with all current subscribers
>[ ] some other idea?

definitely #2.

that way nothing changes.

we're making... an inrastructure change (if you will). we shouldn't make
our members work just because we want to change things. do joe user on
thelist, he/she hasn't changes anything, so he/she expects to keep getting
that mailer.

we're trying to open this up to non-thelisters, right? so, let's do
that... and not mess with what we currently have.

as an added bonus, we're giving our current subscribers the ability to not
get this mailer, which they didn't have before.

use thelist's membership as a starter, let them all know they can opt out
now (currently they can't), and go from there.


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