[Theforum] Prioritising future WEO elements

Isaac Forman isaac at triplezero.com.au
Tue Feb 19 17:57:27 CST 2002

I've received little response to previous efforts to encourage some
discussion regarding future WEO elements, skeletal layout concepts, etc.

You can see two of my messages here:

Future WEO elements:

Current WEO elements:

Here's what I think is likely to appear on the future WEO frontdoor, and
what I will base my first design concept on (please remember, there is
nothing stopping others from trying also!).

 - branding (organisation-wide)
 - positioning (org-wide)
 - category nav (site specific)
 - organisation navigation (org-wide)
 - general info (about/contact/etc) (site specific) *
 - search tools (could be either org-wide or site specific)
 - latest articles (content)
 - account tools (preferably org-wide)
 - jobs (content)
 - revived article (content)
 - footer (org-wide and site specific) +
 - admin tools (site specific and content)
 - highest rated articles (content)
 - hot discussions (content)
 - latest comments (content)
 - blog-style news (content)
 - featured article (content)

 - 2 org-wide promos: submit article, ask a question on thelist (org-wide)

You may remember this rough.gif
(http://members.evolt.org/isaac/evolt/rough.gif) showing vague positioning
of this categorised elements. i.e., an organisation-wide header (currently
our logo, and the links *above* the black tab; a site-specific header
(currently the 3 round buttons, the category dropdown, and some stuff in the
sidebar); and then site-specific content (obvious).

Does anyone have any thoughts regarding prioritising these elements?

For example, I'd give branding #1, and positioning #2. A skeletal layout
would probably, therefore, see these two given top-left positioning
(currently, we have the branding there, but not positioning).

You may wish to sketch out a rough layout to show your prioritised
positioning rather than simply numbering everything. Here's my example based
on the *current* layout:


I'm hoping to put some of my thoughts into a GIF sometime this week.


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