[Theforum] Re: [Fwd: Chili!Soft inquiry] (fwd)

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Wed Feb 20 17:28:11 CST 2002

Very cool!  +1 on thanking him from the community.

(Oh, let me know when you get a chance to set up Tomcat.  I'd like to
take a look at the configuration.)


Daniel J. Cody writes:

> fyi. if anyone wants to send a thank you or anything, let me know and i'll
> pass on his address
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:22:38 -0600 (CST)
> From: Daniel J. Cody <djc at members.evolt.org>
> To: John <. at sun.com>
> Cc: djc at members.evolt.org
> Subject: Re: [Fwd: Chili!Soft inquiry]
> John -
> Thanks so much for your work on this!! I've got a number of people that
> will be very pleased to start using the service that you've provided to
> us. Thanks for the suggestion about JSP, that *is* next on the list :)
> Thanks again, and let me know if theres anyway we can return the favor!
> Dan

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