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Lachlan Cannon tiedefenderdelta6 at
Wed Feb 20 21:03:04 CST 2002

--- David McCreath <mccreath at> wrote:
> > but i would pay for hosting...
> > that's a service with definite value.. but then you're
> on the hook as
> > support (probably more than you are now)...
> I would be leery of getting into a paid hosting situation
+1 000 000

Maybe offering a premium hosting service like DNS would be
good, however some people couldn't afford to pay for
hosting services, or would simply be unable to. Which is
where evolt was meant to be helping them learn, wasn't it?
I could afford a fewdollars a month, however I have no way
whatsoever of paying this - short of sending actual
Australian money in the mail. I suspect a few of evolt's
members would also have trouble. (After all, we're not all

Some of the other ideas sound pretty good too.


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