[Theforum] Prioritising future WEO elements

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Feb 20 22:57:15 CST 2002

> Does it need to be? How many comments? It seems like "hot discussions"
> serves that purpose. Or?

Could be optional.

> Okay. I'll hold on. But I'm still not sure if you want to replace the
> current "News" cat with a more immediate solution.

Yes, I do. News articles are not necessarily as long. I think that authors
are often faced with the option of submitting a short pointer and feeling
guilty about doing so, or not bothering because they don't have the time to
flesh it out. The blog-style presentation is not something that I'm totally
in love with, but I think it has some advantages -- probably best explained
in the eventual GIF anyway.

> Those already are collapsible, if I recall correctly. Aren't they?

There is a minimise button for the sidebar, but it requires a click-through
rather than instant action. I'd rather that we had hidden admin functions
that could be easily expanded should someone with the appropriate privs want
to edit an article, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts David, :)


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