[Theforum] RE: [everywhere] Article Alert - Micropayments Pushed in Norway

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Mar 12 17:05:33 CST 2002

(i've moved this to theforum, since it's an issue for the wider group to

(to get others up to speed, >'ed text is aardvark. we're talking about the
issue of getting news onto WEO quickly, but without distracting from the
quality tutorials (in this case, i think it's lachlan's).

> as it is, since it's a news piece, and not a tutorial, and given that
> the synopsis pushes the print one below my line of sight in the
> browser window, i would have sat on it until tonight if no one else
> had approved it...

should've altered dates on either this one or lachlan's to give his

> i know you want to kick up your article numbers, but i'd rather give
> deference to articles with meat...

i'm happy to get some cubes, but my priority is re-making evolt.org into a
full web resource for developers. and that includes providing timely news.

the problem is our system. news pieces should NOT be appearing in the main
article stream on WEO. i've said that before. the body of a news piece
should be roughly the size of the average tutorial synopsis. i shouldn't
have to re-write what i see on news.com. we don't have the time or skills to
do full investigative journalism. news on WEO should be a headline, link, 2
sentences of explanation (not much more), and then after that it's bait for
comments. and only the news headlines should appear on the frontdoor. the
focus after that, as i said, will be the comments.

you've probably seen rough attempts at my redesign concept, and it includes
separating news (and jobs) from the article stream. do you think that's a
bad idea?


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