[Theforum] RE: [everywhere] Article Alert - Micropayments Pushed in Norway

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 12 20:20:48 CST 2002

> From: "isaac" <isaac at members.evolt.org>
> should've altered dates on either this one or lachlan's to give his
> precedence.

not a bad idea...

> i'm happy to get some cubes, but my priority is re-making evolt.org
> into a full web resource for developers. and that includes providing
> timely news.

as long as, IMO, it doesn't detract from the tutorials and the like that make up
the meat (not volume) of our site...

> the problem is our system. news pieces should NOT be appearing in the
> main article stream on WEO. i've said that before. the body of a news

except, of course, that's not where we are now, so it doesn't address how we
handle it today... but it is a jumping off point for the future layout ideas...

> piece should be roughly the size of the average tutorial synopsis. i
> shouldn't have to re-write what i see on news.com. we don't have the
> time or skills to do full investigative journalism. news on WEO should
> be a headline, link, 2 sentences of explanation (not much more), and
> then after that it's bait for comments. and only the news headlines
> should appear on the frontdoor. the focus after that, as i said, will
> be the comments.
> you've probably seen rough attempts at my redesign concept, and it
> includes separating news (and jobs) from the article stream. do you
> think that's a bad idea?

no, i've been down with that for a while... you saw my design concept, right?
the one i sent you off-list...  not quite

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