[Theforum] Frontdoor elements for redesign

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Mar 13 17:03:52 CST 2002

> I initiated threads on exactly that in weeks past, and got virtually no
> response.

Replying to myself: the only respondent was Rudy who got sidetracked
trolling for a fight about using a form element as navigation. ;)

The first post on that thread is here:

Here's some of what I wrote (with a few modifications) in my previous
attempt to kickstart a thread:

Existing elements which I assume we'll maintain:

 - branding
 - positioning
 - category nav
 - organisation navigation
 - general info (about/contact/etc)
 - search tools
 - latest articles
 - account tools
 - submit article
 - jobs (not shown by default; could be switched on by user pref)
 - revived article
 - footer
 - admin tools (show/hide ability)
 - highest rated articles
 - hot discussions
 - latest comments

And maybe some we should include:

 - reduced news (headline/date/contributor; no synopsis)
 - featured article
 - donate to evolt promo

Some things which I think we should promote more heavily:

 - submit article
 - the lists


I think that we should consider 2 promo spots on the frontdoor. These would
generally feature "submit an article" and "ask a question (on thelist)", but
could also cycle things like future surveys, sub-site/project launches,
major events, etc.


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