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Mon Mar 18 14:40:12 CST 2002

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> To carry that a step further ... {and maybe a step too far!}:

Nope, not too far. At least right now in the discussion stage...

> (a) It's not unusual for volunteer organizations, or professional
> societies to have an annual 'membership fee'.  It's not paying for
> hosting - it's paying to 'be a member'.  What do we withhold from
> non-members?  Maybe only voting rights.

That might be farther than I'd like to see. I like that evolt.org is
open to all with true sharing and help as one of the goals.

> (b) Many charitable organizations, (and similar things like museums
> and [stage] theatres), have different levels of contributions -
> things like 'sustaining' memberships, etc. Often accompanied by
> plaques on the wall for contributors.

I'd like to see a page, maybe limited to just -one- page, that
acknowledges those that contribute either products, services or
money. A small link to this page could be placed on an 'about'
page. This would be our way of constantly thanking them for
their contribution. We probably should do that more than we
are now.

> I bring this one up with a little trepidation because, while I'm not
> particularly offended to see ExxonMobil giving money to the local
> theater here in town and getting a plaque on the wall --- I'm not
> sure if we would welcome their 'e-plaque' on our 'e-wall'.

And their e-plaque would be the same size and type as others that
contribute. Size of contribution wouldn't make a difference.

> How far would we want to go with this?

No banners. No advertising of any kind. Just a Thank You Wall
of honored contributers. We build and control it.

> (Okay - but what if the contribution came from Microsoft?)

And? Their $ is still green, their product(s) if used, are still
wanted. I don't buy the 'evil empire' stuff. Those that do -  just
don't have to use the product(s) (software?) or look at their


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