[Theforum] fundraisin with mousepads

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Mar 18 15:37:05 CST 2002

funky shapes and surfaces greatly increase the cost sadly.

the best surface i have ever seen are the everglide types. they're like a
plastic cutting board and you *cannot* break them.(i drove my car over one
that was leaning on a stack of bricks at a 45 degree angle)

they're about $10 each at *cost* to get though. :(

i know people want options and everything, but some people aren't going to
be accomodated. i'm sorry for that. i don't know what to do now either.
for example, should i change the image because jeff won't order any? if i
change it to accomodate him, dean doesn't like the new image and yanks his
preorder. and you, who might not order any at all cus of shipping cost,
don't like any of them, and submit a design of your own, which two other
people want.. heh. see what i'm getting at? :) some people like the fists,
some people like the cubes.

i guess what i'm trying to say is not everyone is going to like
everything, and this is something i'm not going to try to please every
person on.

i'll let ya know what my plan is later on..


On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, isaac wrote:
> +1 re avoiding fist-connotations and going with something simpler.
> are we restricted to that standard shape, or could we get something like
> this?
> http://shop.ngi.it/images/prodotti/browser/q3gig_1.jpg
> not that i mind standard...

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