[Theforum] fundraisin with mousepads

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Mar 18 15:43:28 CST 2002

On Tue, 19 Mar 2002, isaac wrote:
> i actually meant "encouraging donations for" rather than "pay for". was just
> hoping that we could encourage EVERYONE. :p

ok :)

> i think the price that MEO would ask (what was it? $15/year (roughly
> $1/month)) is so obscenely cheap for the services provided, that it would
> not be difficult to cover the requests for further stuff. i've paid
> US$25/month for CF accounts before and endured uptime far worse than MEO
> (which i don't notice going down very often, if at all, anyway).
> if they want other features, we refer them to dir.evolt.org/hosting or
> whatever. we just don't/can't do DNS/etc; and we certainly can't do it at
> that price!
> personally, i don't think that a hosting company like stark would see what
> we're providing as serious competition. if my budget is $0-1/month, do they
> really want my business?! know what i mean? ;) MEO is not hosting commercial
> sites, or large developer sites. they're small resume holders, tiny photo
> galleries, or testing grounds for these or other things.
> i'm all for MEO urging donations. i think it's an exceptional service, and
> hope that there are effective ways that we can encourage users to see what
> value there is in the system, and help to keep it alive.
> i wonder if there are methods by which we can really push people to put
> forward those few dollars. whether it means that they get a priority listing
> in the MEO directory of sites, priority support (emails answered more
> quickly, etc -- less achievable if someone pops up on irc with a q -- how
> can you not answer it on the spot? *shrug*), or something else. i think the
> solution lies in versioning.

i guess this is my question. *HOW* do we get people to really buck up and
contribute something in a fair way without pissing anyone off?

> what about non-donators getting 5MB, and those who've donated getting 15MB?
> or 1 datasource vs 3-5?

65% of accounts use between 8-15Mb already, it wouldn't seem fair to cut
back on something that was promised when they signed up. and a fair number
of people(35 or so) use *WAY* more than 15Mb because they're doing some
really cool shit and don't wanna have to pay for it.

i do like the idea of contributions from meo folks, but they shouldn't be
the *only* way evolt.org as a whole is funded. thats one group of people
taking on the majority of the fundage, which doesn't seem quite fair.

hence, spreading it around with mousepads, whatever.

thanks for the feedback btw


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