[Theforum] three mousepad designs

Alan Lloyd alan.lloyd0 at btinternet.com
Tue Mar 19 13:24:50 CST 2002

Hi guys
I must say i like jeffs design a lot more than the others (sorry guys).

 I will still order no matter what because I probably wouldn't get round to
using it even if it was jeffs design.

Far too many mouse mats already......

Alan Lloyd
Workers of the web, evolt!

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> I like the fists best, I'd take a few.
> The logo/grey texture is boring. I suppose that's more acceptable, say, if
> you're working in a bank or something. I'd take it if I had to. I like the
> contructivist look a lot, it goes with the name. It'd be neater,
> though, to
> take that feel and bring it in line with the color scheme of evolt.org and
> get the logo on there somewhere....
> m.
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