[Theforum] RE: [offforum] fundraisin with mousepads (fwd)

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Mar 20 16:07:20 CST 2002

> no, discussion happens on a discussion list. except for some comments on
> articles, there is little discussion among people on weo.

discussion to me is more the arguing (flash usability, hand-coding, that
type of shit). the majority of posts on thelist are about learning. but
anyway. between those 2 words, we cover both.

> > Oh, oh, Create(thesite...) ?
> was trying to stick to the 4 major subsites

i think it's more important to stick to the 4 major things done within the
community. what do you think?

> can you create the sourcefile i need btw?

did you specify DPI? 150? 300?

i should be able to. PSD, right? you don't need it in vector format?

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