[Theforum] YADFI

Joel Canfield Joel at spinhead.com
Thu Mar 21 22:37:31 CST 2002

>> > open to members only, or would we allow commercial advertisers?
>> members only
>Just had a thought - it could be used for members to promote
>the servies of the small businesses / those they work for - ie
>these advertisments would not not open to the microsofts of
>this world, but rather the ickle businesses/one man bands etc etc.
>Just a thought, needs fleshing out a bit.

Somehow, totally non-commercial doesn't seem practical. No strong feelings
here, but when I go back to self-employment (shhhhhh) I wanna plaster my
business name next to evolt.org every chance I get.

But I'll play nice whatever is decided.


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