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Mon Apr 15 20:20:29 CDT 2002


> From: Daniel J. Cody
> i poked arounda  bit more about these people, and their
> 'dedicated' servers aren't really dedicated, but
> partitioned OS images all running on the same machines.
> VMware sells software like this(which is very cool) that
> allows you to partition off hundreds of OS's on the same
> piece of hardware. so if they have a 4x xeon machine
> with 4Gb of RAM, they partition off 1Ghz of CPU time
> and 1Gb RAM to each virtual OS.

that's a neat idea.  i'm not sure what the point would be short of just
buying separate machines though unless you need to do it this way to keep
floor and rackspace usage to a minimum.

> tangent: i'm trying to vmware to donate this software to
> us for an advanced type meo server that people could
> learn linux/freebsd or any other free OS on. how cool
> would your very own djc.evolt.org or joeuser.evolt.org
> server be?

that would absolutely rock.

> its really cool technology, but they're not very up
> front about it for whatever reason.

i'm guessing for reasons like security, stigma associated with this sort of
dedicated hosting compared to actual dedicated boxen hosting, etc.

back to our situation though, how does any of that matter if we're just
colocating our boxes there?



jeff at members.evolt.org

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