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Mon Apr 15 23:28:06 CDT 2002


> From: Daniel J. Cody
> > that's a neat idea.  i'm not sure what the point
> > would be short of just buying separate machines
> > though unless you need to do it this way to keep
> > floor and rackspace usage to a minimum.
> tco. administration, power, maintenance, rack space
> going for 3000/24u at decent provider.

agreed, though not as much of an issue if they've got their own facility.

> > back to our situation though, how does any of that
> > matter if we're just colocating our boxes there?
> well if they're not upfront about one thing, they may
> not be about another. or they might.

yeah, quite true.  i'm all for dealing with someone that's upfront about
stuff.  however, i'm alittle less skeptical about this particular issue.  as
i've mentioned, there are valid reasons for not disclosing this sort of
setup.  i mean, it's not quite a dedicated server in the hardware sense, but
it's certainly not the same as a virtual private server either.  it's kind
of in that nebulous zone leaning quite a ways more towards the side of

> i don't think we're anywhere near colocation atm
> either..

actually, if i read the response to martin, it appears colocation is an
option with this guy.


why do you think we're nowhere near colocation atm?


jeff at members.evolt.org

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