[Theforum] (was) let's kill it

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Wed Apr 17 21:14:22 CDT 2002

<Quote from Marlene>
Hey folks,

A discussion was started on the admin list which I believe has
bearing from the standpoint of theforum. To sum up the origins:

* An email to the admin list went unanswered for three days.
* Someone who had resigned from admin went in and answered it anyway,
thinking they were helping.

Just a clarification here please ... I was *asked* to help out with list
stuff during Dan's vacation and Dean's business trip.  I only have one day
this week and 3 next before my move.  That's all the assistance I have to
give at this time.  Just remember, I was *asked* to help in the areas I'd
been looking after for 12 months before officially vacating all duties
except thesite, of which I've been gone for 2 months there as well.

And yes I did think I was helping.  One of the emails was in direct response
to a mailing list subscription problem.  So, I tested the situation, found
the user does exist, determined there were no problems with the log in
forms, emailed him his password as requested (from the leo form),  turned
mail delivery back on for this person directly in the mailing list software
intereface.  Then I replied to the person that I had done the above and if
he was still having problems, he should let me know.  Know, it's been
mentioned to me that everything up to the point of me mailing the person
myself, was "fine" and that instead I should have told the Admins this is
what I've done for this person, someone please email him.  Ok .. fine ..
that I could have done.  I come from the "old school" .. if you can do it,
do it yourself... don't ask others to do things you are able to do.  But
whatever .. next time (oh there won't be .. but if there were) .. then I'll
follow the above procedure and *HOPE* that someone sends the person a

Now the other email sitting in the queue was on its fourth day .. ok I
didn't have to respond to it .. I could have left it.  It was there .. I had
a few minutes, so I did it.  Now I won't bother.  I thought there was a
"goal" that all messages get responded to within 24 hours?  I just figured
it was one that no one was sure how to answer best, so I did what I knew Dan
would have done.  Oh well.

Anyway.. my entire point is that I was *asked* to help out with some of
Dan's work load, which has been spread out over a couple of others.  I
didn't even realize I had my access on the a.e.o. interface reset to answer
emails until I went to see if I could get the person who was having the
problem's email address to look up the error.



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