[Theforum] What do you want to do ?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Apr 18 07:00:20 CDT 2002

Martin Burns theforum at lists.evolt.org

Michele Foster wrote on 18/4/02 12:11 am

>This is just a suggestion .. I hope those of you that *love* evolt as much
>as I do will participate.  How about we all take a week or two to jot down
>on paper (ok type on a web space or email):


This has already been worked on to some extent... with no result.


It doesn't matter *what* people want to do if the access is not forthcoming.



I really hope you will go back and re-read my message.  I even gave an
example of "what I'd like to do".  This is not an "Access to" initiative.
More a fact gathering exercise to find out what people really want to do to
help out evolt.

IOW, take away all the titles, all the barriers and express what's in your
(each person's) best interests, how much personal time you (each person) has
to commit to evolt.org.  I've already got one really nice response from
someone that I don't personally know very well, who is very quiet on
thesite/theforum, not an admin, but who has expertise that we need on
thesite to proceed with the deo project.

The list you reference above concerns only those with current Admin privs,
i.e. those responsible for editing articles and answering email.  As such,
that list doesn't include people more involved in the backend of things,
like myself, Matt, Jeremy A. and S., Russ, Lachlan, Simon and many other
individuals that actively participate on thesite/theforum.

I want to look at the bigger picture, take away the titles and see what it
really is that people want to do for the organization.

Hope this is clear and hope you will participate!!


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