[Theforum] What do you want to do ?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Apr 18 07:37:38 CDT 2002

[Theforum] What do you want to do ?
Martin theforum at lists.evolt.org

>I really hope you will go back and re-read my message.  I even gave an
>example of "what I'd like to do".

Yes, I saw that and understood it.

>This is not an "Access to" initiative.

But it is inextricably linked to access. I can want to do xyz all I
like, but without a legitimate process for gaining access to xyz, it
doesn't matter. If this process is to be worthwhile doing, it *must*
be actioned.

>More a fact gathering exercise to find out what people really want to do to
>help out evolt.
>IOW, take away all the titles, all the barriers and express what's in your
>(each person's) best interests, how much personal time you (each person)
>to commit to evolt.org.

Yes, and that's exactly how that list was developed. Of course, yes,
that is a subset of the entire evolt community (because it came out
of exactly this discussion among admin people - why is it that
capable, willing people *don't* have access to certain admin tasks),
but take it as a starting place for the wider exercise.

Rather than 'all submissions to X' (and it doesn't matter who X is
btw), can I also suggest those who aren't already on that page add
themselves. That way:
1) It doesn't burden you with extra work while you're moving house
2) No-one can make accusations of central control and filtering.
3) The results are immediately visible

If you feel there are roles required which aren't on that list, add
them! I think your suggested role is a very good one btw.


Martin ...

I'm honestly and sincerely trying here.  There are 87 members of theforum
list and 134 members of thesite list.  Now, for argument sake let's subtract
20 from of those lists and make an estimate guess that those 20 individuals
are currently Admin members as well.  So, we're left with 67 and 114 other
people that *WANT* to participate in evolt in some manner.

Admin is only one group, responsible for two tasks, editing/approving
articles and answering email that comes in from the weo contact form.

We have thesite .. which is responsible for the development, design, and
coding of all projects, including but definitely not limited too:

* IA mixed with designing (or redesigning) various subsites
* actual pixel wranglers (designers/css)
* coders - to code in CF for teo/weo/leo(minimal) [and feo] and other sub
* coders - to code in PHP for deo (in addition to Simon :)
* testers/content writers/developers for teo/weo
* database gurus - work on ueue (to a degree) and responsible for overseeing
all major database schema changes/required for all sites, including tuning
* data guys - individuals that can work with oracle, add tables, modify
existing schemas,  set up new schemas as required -  work approved by gurus
* project managers in charge of various subsites and ensuring that the
things are getting done that relate to their subsite (e.g. weo, leo, meo,
* documenting specifications for new projects/ideas (project requirements
gathering, consensus, etc.)
* user/administrator documentation for each project (e.g. user's guide for
* tip harvester (in addition to Dean)
* tip categorization
* xml, xsl feeds

We also have a need for a group of individuals to be responsible for some
(all? + others I've forgotten):

* list administration
* meo and all that it encompasses, creating new accounts, assisting users
* deal with installed software issues and plan upgrades (for all the
* network administration - looking after servers (locally and remotely)
* hardware, bandwidth issues

Plus other items that I had listed in my original email.

As far as my timing is concerned .. I've volunteered to take on the task and
will do so.  I'll prepare a complete and accurate account of what everyone
submits to me and have it ready for May 1st 2002.  The web page I prepare
will include the exact messages sent to me so that everyone may review them
all at the same time.  Thanks for the concerns, but I'll gladly look after
organizing this initiative.

I read in great detail Marlene's suggestions .. and i think she has made
some very good points.  I'm also well aware of the egos (mine included)
involved, and on the other hand am very well aware that there are many
others that WANT to participate, WANT to help out, and WANT to feel like
their contributions are worthwhile.  But they need structure and they need
guidance and we all need to work together as a team, for evolt.org, to build
a better place, one that everyone who volunteers even 2 hours a week can
walk away and still feel good about themselves even tho they are not an

Back in February (or so ?? .. I can't remember) .. the Admin group as it
formerly existed was disbanded and theforum was created to <quote from
leo>Help create the future of evolt.org on "theforum" mailing list.
Dedicated to making evolt.org a better place, discussions on this list
include how to make thelist more useful to all members, improvements for the
web site, how evolt.org should be structured, etc. Both short-term and
long-term plans for evolt.org are discussed. If you're passionate about
evolt.org, join now and help shape evolt.org's future!</quote>.

In my opinion we've gotten very much away from that goal.  I'd like to see
us backing up to February (?) and remember WHY the Admin group was split up,
and tasked with the responsibilities of answering emails from weo form and
editing/approving articles.  We all failed to assign other tasks to a more
formalized group, hence the problems we have now.  The same core group of 20
individuals, in my opinion, should not and does not need to be the only
group of individuals with responsibilities and accountability to the larger

Anyway, I've got to run.  I hope I've been more clear .. and if not, perhaps
others that do understand what I'm getting at will chime in and express
their views.  Hopefully I'll get lots of survey responses during the day.


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