[Theforum] Re: (was) let's kill it, kill, kill, kill!

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Apr 18 08:55:54 CDT 2002

thanks brian

your remarks about attitude are timely

as the person who originated the "let's kill it" thread, i'd like to add
some rationale so y'all can see where i was coming from

the "admin" group is anything but -- all they do now is answer mail and
edit articles, and as you can imagine, administering evolt involves a lot

without going into the history (aardvark did a nice synopsis just now), it
is the merest of coincidences if anyone who is left in the admin group has
additional administration privileges beyond answering evolt mail and
editing articles

all the other duties are performed by people who are not part of "admin"

which makes the info we have posted on our site hypocritical at best (see
note below)

further, there is still a lot of turmoil, as witness recent episodes where
someone who was not an admin performed some admin tasks

turmoil that we should eliminate

  patient:  "doc, it hurts when i do that"
  doctor:  "so don't do that"

if there were no admin group, i am **certain** that evolt mail would still
get answered, and articles would still get approved

how? you may well ask

<strong> the same way that all the other stuff gets done </strong>

somebody would do it

[ smack forehead ]  of course!  (all the other stuff does get done, doesn't

so evolt mail would still get answered, and articles approved, by the very
people, both current admins and non-admins, who are now doing it

go ahead and laugh, folks, but without the old admin group we'd no longer
have these squabbles -- new ones, yes, but not the tired old ones about
"admin is supposed to do that"

for the sake of convenience, those interested in answering evolt mail and
approving articles would still need their own list -- marlene suggested
renaming it, and that might be a good idea

people have been making some very good points about the need for
organization, procedures, and rules, but i remain unconvinced that putting
our effort into the "process" is going to solve the problem

personally, i have no problem working in a situation without procedure,
although i will be the first to admit that it's obscenely inefficient,
wasteful, and demotivating

thank goodness the procedure of answering evolt mail and approving articles
has already been well documented

i just don't think we should be calling it "admin" any more


(*) i feel we do the members a disservice by calling it the admin group on
our site, when all they do is answer mail and approve articles

members who need anything else done need to know whom to contact

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