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Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at COMPAQ.com
Thu Apr 18 09:08:41 CDT 2002

Hi Joel,

Whoa - Padres won?!   ;-)

Anyway - I just wanted to chime in with a short note to point out that (at least prior to the dot bomb burst) it was actually more common for "success" to kill a business or an organization than outright "failure".  Growth and expansion are very difficult things to manage successfully - and they always have been.

I wanted to point that out in order to note that (a) this isn't an unusual or unique situation - lots of groups and companies have been through this before, and (b) this isn't a small or trivial task requiring a "quick fix" - it's gonna take time and effort to do it right.

I'm thinking some time spent 'strategically planning for growth'; adding some process and structural procedures ... would be a good thing both organizationally (cuz we should see some immediate benefit) and paradigmatically (cuz it might focus the frustration where it belongs - on the process ... and not on any of the personalities involved).

I'm still pretty sure this kind of thing *has* to be in place if we really want to eventually get that NFP status that gets talked about from time to time as well.

(Gosh - that "p" word passed my spellchecker!  Wooot!)

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I couldn't care less if I'm a Lieutenant or a Private - but I like
structure. When everyone is equal, no one leads. And we've reached a size
where, without leadership, I think we're floundering.

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