[Theforum] Re: (was) let's kill it, kill, kill, kill!

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Thu Apr 18 09:09:57 CDT 2002

On Thursday, April 18, 2002, at 02:55  pm, rudy wrote:

> the "admin" group is anything but -- all they do now is answer mail and
> edit articles, and as you can imagine, administering evolt involves a
> lot
> more


Adrian's point (and I think it's valid) was that that is not how it
should be - the only decision made was to move short term and longterm
strategy here.

So why are we intent on fixing it from the wrong side? The better
thing to do is to act on the decisions made - this is AKA "the correct
thing to do" - rather than how it's been manipulated since.

Or, to put it another way, evolt (hell, *any* organisation) can only work
without acrimony if decisions are made legitimately and then put
into action.

As I said yesterday in response to Matt:
> If it's wrong to say "No, that's not what we agreed", then I'm terribly
> sorry, I appear to be part of a destructive anarchy run for the benefit
> of whoever can throw the biggest tantrum. And I don't believe that's
> what evolt is, nor what it intends to be, nor what it should be.

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