[Theforum] That old file you needed Michele ... Fw: [Admin] calling for a vote on two things at evolt.org

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Apr 18 20:41:22 CDT 2002

Here it is, in it's entirety (is that a word?)

the formal vote that took place following this email, was the actual
handing over the big picture decision making power from the admin group to

Administration was to be at admin at leo and Policy and processing at
theforum at leo.
However, what seems to be the misunderstanding is the definition of
administration. Editing articles and answering websubmitted emails aren't
the only things that are included in the word administration, even though
they are the only things mentioned. We need to keep that in mind when
talking about the admin group and it's purpose.

at last, i'd like to re-iterate:
Admin is the group that handles day to day administration (makes sure that
evolt.org runs smoothly on a daily basis) ... theforum is the driving power
of evolt.org. It is in theforum's power to redefine admin's focus, since
theforum is the decision making power thingy.

So let's do that decisionmakingpower thing, OK?


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| hey gang,
| in the past day or two, couple of things have been suggested and require
| vote.Those things are of the level that *every* admin active or inactive
| should vote on them.
| So I'm sending you this mail, asking you to reply to it (to admin at leo) so
| that these things can be set up and worked on.
| (sorry for the double post, if you're following admin at leo already :)
| First: new admin members
| in the spirit of having those volunteering on the administration list.
| Joel D. Canfield (spinhead)
| Garrett Coakley
| Ben Dyer
| Madhu Menon
| have all volunteered to help out in any way they can (including article
| editing) and later nominated to become admins.
| I would appreciate your +1/-1 on the matter, since it affects you as
| Second: formal change of admin
| effective when new admins are joined
| rudy posted following list of actions, please give your +1/-1 on the list
| as a whole or each item on its own, whichever you like.
| ------------- begin copy from rudy's mail ---
| it appears that we will have some new admins very shortly
| i am therefore calling for the following actions
| 1. wrap up the old admin archives, up to and including today, in a big
| file, and take them offline -- anybody currently subscribed can ask to be
| emailed a copy if you haven't saved stuff in your own mail folders, but
| admin archives up to today will no longer be online -- thus preserving
| (forever) their privacy
| 2. start a new set of admin archives tomorrow, which will *not* be
| protected, thus assuring their openness
| 3. begin at once to conduct ourselves with the same decorum, grace,
| consideration, respect and patience on the admin list as we exhibit on
| other public evolt lists
| 4. take the flame wars, if they are still required, to
totc at lists.evolt.org
| 5. use the admin list for administration -- approving articles, answering
| mail, et cetera -- and subscribe the new admins immediately
| i was going to write this up as a call for a vote, but frankly, we don't
| need it
| this is where we said we were going
| we spilled a lot of blood and hurt a lot of feelings this year, trying to
| figure out how best to go forward, and in the end we created
| theforum at lists.evolt.org to deal with evolt's "direction"
| it's time to finish the job and turn admin at lists.evolt.org into the list
| that deals with evolt's "administration"
| oh, and opening it up is a necessary part of that process -- if any
| have anything to say that should not be seen by the public, they can take
| it to totc at lists.evolt.org or take it completely offlist
| ------------- end copy ---
| thanks you guys,
| hope you're having a good time wherever you are and whatever you're
| love
| elfur
| ___________________________________________________
| evolving as we speak

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