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Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Fri Apr 19 10:11:10 CDT 2002

On Friday, April 19, 2002, at 03:45  pm, Miriam Frost wrote:

> Who is on the current BoD,

I don't have the list to hand (Elfur?) but my recollection was:
*	Adrian (aardvark)
*	Bob (bobdavis)
*	Dan (djc)
*	David McL (damclean)
*	Dean (dmah)
*	Elfur (elfur)
*	Jeff (.jeff)
*	Marlene (marlene)
*	Rudy (r937)
*	Scott (sgd)
*	Erika
*	Amanda

Voted on by IRC some time in late March/early April last year.

This was always visualised as a bootstrapping exercise, which would be
more representative following the first elections. That's normal for
starting a board structure in a voluntary org btw.

> who is on the current Admin?
*	Adrian (aardvark)
*	Ben (OKolzig37)
*	Bob (bobdavis)
*	Chris (sprocket)
*	Dan (djc)
*	David McL (damclean)
*	Dean (dmah)
*	Elfur (elfur)
*	Garrett (garrett)
*	Isaac (isaac)
*	Javier (mantruc)
*	Jeff (.jeff)
*	Joel (spinhead)
*	Madhu (themadman)
*	Marlene (marlene)
*	Martin (MartinB)
*	Rudy (r937)
*	Ron (rwdevolt)
*	Scott (sgd)
*	Seb (Seb)

> What are the
> goals/responsibilities of the current BoD,

None at present. However, some bylaws which got worked on and
then not implemented (this is Dan's original with my comments -
I think Elfur has the agreed final version):

fwiw, that was a good, solid constitution (and I've seen a *lot* of

> and Martin's history lesson
> notwithstanding, what *exactly* are the goals/responsibilities of Admin
> as
> it is *currently* in place?

As agreed, or de facto?

As agreed (ie all former tasks, less those agreed to be moved
* Answering all email 'on behalf of evolt.org'
* Administration of all mailing lists
* Editing and approval of all articles on weo
* Approval of meo accounts
* meo information updates
* Administering security policy
all carried out by individual members of Admin by virtue of their
admin membership. Some tasks are delegated by Admin to specific
individuals (eg approval of meo accounts), some are group tasks
(eg answering email). All are however Admin's accountabilities,
even if the responsibility is with a sub-set
(see http://www.evolt.org/article/theforum/20/15355/index.html
for the difference between the 2)

de facto
* Answering some email on behalf of evolt.org
* Administration of some mailing lists
* Editing and approval of weo articles
* Being everyone's favourite scapegoat, including that of some
    of its members.
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