[Theforum] Reimbursing Dan .. was .. I'm not sure cos it got jumbled in the archive ;)

Martin martin at members.evolt.org
Sun Apr 21 14:25:20 CDT 2002

On Sunday, April 21, 2002, at 02:42  am, Michele Foster wrote:

> Is anyone looking after the financial aspects for evolt?  I know
> Marlene was
> elected the Treasurer for NFP purposes (or whatever the correct
> terminology
> is), but since the NFP is *stalled* (I think that's correct?) .. is
> Marlene
> going to maintain Treasurer duties?

Up to Marlene I think.

> I'd like to donate to the "pot" as suggested by Hugh too .. same amount.
> But I'd like this particular donation to go directly to paying Dan for
> this
> equipment expenditure that he has undertaken so graciously on
> evolt.org's
> behalf.

To be clear - that's a gift to Dan, not to evolt.org, as the equipment
belongs to evolt.org.

> I would also like to contribute a regular monthly amount (stipend), via
> paypal, that I would like to be used by the organization on what is most
> urgent, be that paying for bandwidth, additional promo items so we can
> generate more funds, or whatever.  IOW, no one needs to contact me
> personally and say, that $20/month is going to the beer fund for the
> hard
> workers, is that ok?  ;)  [Just a joke!]

Hey, as long as buying beer for the hard workers (which would include
all of us here btw - this is as much hard work as coding) is agreed to
further the aims and objectives of evolt.org, keep it coming.

> Is Marlene looking after this information?  Can she?  Can someone else
> if
> she's not able/willing too?  Is this the sort of accountability we need
> in
> order to move forward?

Yes. Absolutely. If evolt.org is spending money, expenditure needs to be
accountable to evolt.org. *Someone* needs to manage the bank account,
write cheques and sign off expenditure on behalf of evolt.org
and for good auditing practise reasons, this should not be any individual
or group who would normally be incurring expenses.

> I know there's talk of a finance/accounting group within Dan's Monkey
> Plan
> that Martin presented the other day... is this a good idea?

Yes, unless there's a general keenness to trawl through accounts
regularly. If we were an NFP, this would be the group which ensured
that evolt.org met and maintained the criteria for NFP status (mmmm
IRS returns)

> Does someone
> with expertise in this area need to volunteer to look after this sort of
> stuff?  Whether that be Marlene or someone else?

Ideally. I've worked in NFPs before where anyone standing for
the treasurer role had to satisfy the outgoing treasurer (they
were annual posts (and the treasurer's job was *hard*) so
I can't recall an episode where someone stood 2 years running)
that they were competent in financial matters.

In our situation, this would be one of the roles where the
appropriate group would probably need to approve potential
role holders. Another role would be one involving root access
to the boxes.

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