[Theforum] back

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 14:29:36 CDT 2002

Hiya Brian..

There are various pictures on my website(meo/djc), although miriam has a
funny picture from a recent lobster boil we had at my place:
so if anyone is scared of me, its lobsters. ;)

As for the personal stuff.. well, some of it was taken personally
because it *is* personal, but i've kept the majority of it offlist and
private(where it should be).. some was just ignored.

i'm trying to put together a general email to theforum to address the
main concerns which were brought up in my absence, hopefully its done
soon :)

Brian King wrote:
> Dan, Welcome back for starters.
> Is there a picture of you somewhere?  I was just starting to wonder what you
> looked like.  People seem to be awful scared of you.  You must be a pretty
> big dude!  The forum went absolutely quite since you announced that you were
> back.
> I hope that you don't take anything that was said too personally.  I think
> that there are a number of people here who quite obviously feel a sense of
> pride and ownership in the Evolt organization.  Over the past couple of
> weeks, I think that there has been a lot of constructive talk on how to
> improve the efficiency of the organization and bring some projects to a
> satisfactory close in the absence of others.  I AM sure that there are quite
> a few individuals who are interested in what you have to say though.

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