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Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Mon Apr 29 14:57:44 CDT 2002

Here, Here!  Well said!  I hope that it does lay to rest that particular
item too.

If anything, the discussions over that period of time got some people to
talk about items that were obviously on their mind for some period of time,
and also got some lurkers to stop their lurking :)

As far as being judged by the group here at Evolt, I hope that I don't have
to pass that muster to get into heaven either.  It's a really rough crowd!
;-)  I am afraid that I would be spending my eternity in purgatory at best.

I am impressed by what you have contributed to Evolt.  I hope that I can
contribute something, (productive), to Evolt in the future, now that I have
been sucked into the forum's deep abyss of these discussions.

I do have to give credit to the rest of the group also.  I am certainly an
outsider, if there is one in the forum.  Even with that said, I have found
acceptance of my statements remarkable in my opinion.  I think that also is
a quality that can be praised here at Evolt.  Most organizations do not open
their doors and discussions on subjects, such as have been discussed here,
to people who have not had a history of contribution to that org in the
past.  I am truly honored by that and wish to repay that honor with
something tangible.  I hope that in the future I can be a productive monkey
too!  (or is that a monkey do, monkey doo? (gosh that almost sounds


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>From Daniel J. Cody
Subject: Re: [Theforum] RE: leadership

This is the only personal email from last week I'm replying to publically.

I'd really like to think that you and/or others don't think of me as a
leader of evolt _just_ because I have 'keys to the servers'. If some
people don't think of anyone, include me, as a leader, well.. thats just
fine, no one is here to win a popularity vote I'd imagine. I think of a
leader as someone who gets shit done either directly, motivates others
to do things, or provides a direction for others to follow.

I'd hope that people would consider the work i've done(to name a few
specific example) -
organizing 3 successfull codefests, getting the survey together, online,
organized, and out there(with much help), writing a pretty kick ass
mailing list manager, being a contibutor to our CMS(till january),
creating members.evolt.org and administrating 1000 users for over a year
now, pimping for free software(sometimes successfully) and donations for
evolt, advocating evolt to just about every person i meet, writing a
better solution for answering email submissions, compliant and
accessable list archives, and yes even managing the servers for 2+
years(with great success if i do say so) - when/if I'm judged, and not
just the fact that I have the 'keys' to the servers.

I'm really not on board with evolt to win a popularity contest, I'm here
to do cool shit and to have fun with something thats pretty exciting for
a lot of people.

Anyways, I don't want to re-open all the negative shit which thankfully
has been left behind on theforum, but I did want to respond to at least
this one particular email ....

Marlene Bruce wrote:

> I'd like to re-assert something: Dan is not evolt and he is not our
> leader. He in effect may have the keys to the servers, but that
> doesn't make him the leader. Leadership is something we infer. If our
> inferred leader isn't doing what we want, we can talk our ball and go
> play elsewhere.

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