[Theforum] sponsorships

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 16:20:07 CDT 2002

hypothetical question, but whats the difference between 'an organization
sponsoring us' and 'a company supporting us'?

the kicker is what they want in return.
another kicker is how much independance we lose. another hypothetical
question: would you rather have me continue paying the bill or be
dependant on an outside company(i asssume, corect if wrong) who's bottom
line is profits?

again, just hypotheticals and a quick poke about how builder.com has
sponsors too.

aardvark wrote:
> ok, so let's say i was approached the other day by an organization
> willing to sponsor us...  let's say the sum is irrelevent, but they
> have a strong interest in a) giving back to the community and b)
> getting something in return (well, duh)...
> have we decided how we'd like to address this?
> for example, some ideas bandied about for the sponsorhip include:
> - a one-liner in the footer of thelist...
> - a mention on the site
> - hosting a feed of *selected* tips/articles/posts on their site, with
> this feed branded as an evolt.org/sponsor thingie...
> - having me dance in their storefront on thursdays...
> - something else?
> in short, someone has an interest in doing this, we have no plan on
> how to accept it -- *if* we even want to accept it...
> what say we?

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