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A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Mon Apr 29 20:25:58 CDT 2002

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> > hypothetical question, but whats the difference between 'an
> > organization sponsoring us' and 'a company supporting us'?
> i'm talking about a company, but it possible another org
> might want to do this at some point, too...
> > the kicker is what they want in return.
> see suggestions... perhaps we should establish what is
> *un*acceptable, as well as what might be acceptable...

Unacceptable: banner ads, primarily anything that blinks, shimmies or
Unacceptable: anything that goes out with every message. (I might
consider an exception to this if the item was a single sentence long but
maybe not.)

My favorite types of advertising online are those pages on a site that
list all their sponsors. For some reason it feels less like advertising
and more like just a list of links. So there's a like a little ding on
the site (and maybe in the footer) that says, "Go here to view our
sponsors" or some such thing.

> > another kicker is how much independance we lose. another
> hypothetical
> none... i won't suggest a deal where we lose independence...
> unless, of course, we lose it to the tune of a billion
> dollars apiece...

Yeah, I'd consider that payoff. ;)

> > question: would you rather have me continue paying the bill or be
> > dependant on an outside company(i asssume, corect if wrong) who's
> > bottom line is profits?
> outside company...

+1. For many reasons large and small.

It's great when I have no beef with the guy that holds the keys but
really sucks when we're not seeing eye-to-eye. I hate yelling at him,
too, especially when it does no good. An outside person getting paid to
do this job also gets paid to be screamed at when the service is bad or
down or wonky or whatever. Not that we'd ever want to scream at an
independent contractor but...ya know. If the job doesn't get done, we
take our business elsewhere.

- amanda

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