[Theforum] sponsorships

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 21:38:28 CDT 2002

I am not against a sidebar block with:

"Supporters of evolt.org:"

(link, and sentence to describe each)

The link and sentence could be tailored (and approved if deemed OK by the
appropriate group of members) by the sponsor. i.e., Macromedia might want to
link and announce CFMX one month, and Fireworks the next. BookCompanyX might
want to promote PHPBookX one week, and ASPBookY the next.

At the bottom of the block, there would be a link to a page explaining how
to become a sponsor, and (to reassure members, and inform potential
sponsors) what our policy on this is. i.e., no preferred article listings,
no bias, etc.

I'd rather that we didn't feature any sponsor/advertiser-related messages in
the footers of thelist messages. That space should be used to promote our
own features and services.

We could have brief sponsor messages on the footers of thechat messages?


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