[Theforum] 3 Alternative Funding Ideas

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Apr 29 22:14:18 CDT 2002

I think this idea is definitely worth considering.  Does anyone want to
"take the ball and run with it" so to speak?


Find out the requirements for each affiliate program.  (not just amazon, in
Canada I would prefer Chapters/Indigo, not sure about other countries).

Present the details in a summary email (wiki page) that each of the various
referral programs rewards program consists of.  Do all transactions go
through djc's paypal/personal bank account?  Or does whoever "runs" this,
want to look after accepting the referral money and then sending it to djc?

Which books do we want to highlight?  Any specific ones such as "evolt"
recommends?  How best to determine this, ask on thelist?  Mini survey?

Once the plan of action has been determined in greater detail than I've
presented above, one should seek consensus from the form via an informal
+1/-1 vote (sorry the voting application won't be ready in time .. or better
yet, let's not wait for it before we proceed ;).

I've forgotten who originally suggested this idea .. do you (whoever it was
;) or Ken, or someone else, want to run with it?


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From: "Ken Kogler" <ken at kenkogler.com>

| Expanding on idea #3 a bit more, what about a page that says "Here's
| some web design/usability books (or ASP books, CF books, JS books) that
| the members of evolt.org recommend:" and having each link be for a
| referral account?
| It'd be nice to see recommendations for certain types of books (without
| posting to thelist), and it'd be even better if a portion of my purchase
| went back to evolt.org.
| This nice thing about a setup like this is that it's very
| self-sufficient on evolt's part - we're not "selling out" to any
| corporate sponsors.
| -Ken
| > ##############
| > ##  IDEA 3  ##
| > ##############
| >
| > Seeing aardvark's .sig with the link to the Usability book about evolt
| > at Amazon (<http://amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1904151035/>) got me
| > thinking:
| >
| > Why not create a referral account for evolt at every major
| > online store,
| > and politely request that anyone in the evolt community who
| > wants to buy
| > something online, from say Amazon or buy.com, would use the referral
| > links provided to give a few % of the purchase to evolt? I'd be more
| > than willing to use an evolt referral link to continue my DVD buying
| > addiction. It's the most non-intrusive way for me to fund evolt - I'm
| > buying those DVDs anyway. I've got no problem using evolt's "search
| > Amazon's site" box rather than using Amazon's search.

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