[Theforum] Which Online Stores Do You Shop From?

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Mon Apr 29 22:36:44 CDT 2002


For Canadians.  I haven't read through the requirements, but if one must be
a Canadian resident/citizen, I'll volunteer to accept the monies on evolt's
behalf and send them to djc or an evolt.org account (whichever is

So, my thought is this .. for books, have a link purchase this from your
supplier of choice:  Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, B&N, etc.


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From: "Ken Kogler" <ken.kogler at curf.edu>

| Here's a very brief list. Please expand it as much as possible:
|  * amazon.com
|  * buy.com
|  * bn.com (Barnes & Noble)

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