[Theforum] Which Online Stores Do You Shop From?

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 23:48:05 CDT 2002

I usually get books from half.com but dunno if they have a referal
program.. other than that, b&n

Ken, this is a good idea, thanks again for running with it.. If I could
get a hardware site to give us a referal fee as well, would you be kind
enough to rope that into your findings? I know there are more than a
couple of us in evolt that buy a lot of computer parts online, and it'd
be cool if we could use that option as well. Maybe it applies to other
areas as well?

ttyl :)


Ken Kogler wrote:
> (see subject)... And which ones would you be willing to use through
> evolt.org so we could get a few extra bucks?
> Here's a very brief list. Please expand it as much as possible:
>  * amazon.com
>  * buy.com
>  * bn.com (Barnes & Noble)
> I don't do much online shopping (apart from DVDs and computer hardware),
> so I'll let others expand further...

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