[Theforum] Re: Case study: Monkey Speak

Daniel J. Cody djc at members.evolt.org
Mon Apr 29 23:58:55 CDT 2002

i'm down with that idea, but i'd counter propose that we have some sort
of drop box that identifies the nature of the email and route it to an
appropriate group based on that. so if someone sends in an email 'to
evolt.org' about an article idea, it gets sent to the editing group, if
someone emails about UNSUBSCRIBE ME NOW, it gets sent to a different
group, if someone emails about the site design, it goes to that group.

that way, relevant shit gets sent to the relevant folks... i have
something similar on the meo/contact form, and its really quite useful.

sorry you don't like the names, got any suggestions for others?

isaac wrote:
>>>To get the Evolt restructuring underway I made a case study: How to set
>>>up the Monkey Speak group. See
> Before we go too much further, can I propose that the handling of email sent
> through WEO is undertaken by Monkey Hear (can we please dump these group
> names ASAP?)? Contact of this form is essentially PR. Article editing and
> the specific areas of technical expertise required are quite separate.

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