[Theforum] Which Online Stores Do You Shop From?

Ken Kogler ken at kenkogler.com
Tue Apr 30 00:26:21 CDT 2002

> I usually get books from half.com but dunno if they have a referal
> program..

I can check.

> Ken, this is a good idea, thanks again for running with it..

No prob - happy to help evolt.org.

> If I could
> get a hardware site to give us a referral fee as well, would
> you be kind
> enough to rope that into your findings?

Find me one with a referral program (other than buy.com and amazon.com)
and I'll put it up.

I think the idea of putting up as many referral programs as we can
(books, hardware, DVDs, whatever), but I think at some point we're going
to have to define a scope for this so it doesn't get out of hand. We
need to keep evolt's mission center-stage here, unless this would be a
members-only thing, or an evolt-recommends-siteX-for-hardware kind of

What I'm trying to say: Let's not let it get out of hand. Who wants to
try and scope this out? Perhaps someone more familiar with what will fly
in evolt-land?


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