<tips> Calendar .. was Re: [Theforum] sponsorships

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 03:02:31 CDT 2002

Sorry, that was probably not too clear. I'm not suggesting that we *don't*
do a calendar. I just think that (a) it's not going to be sold in a manner
another than direct interaction with members, and (b) it shouldn't be a core
means of supporting the organisation financially.

IMHO, we should build a core on MEO/other subscription stuff, and
potentially careful corporate sponsorship, and then float the branded
products and related ideas on top of that.


> > i could easily see us selling 100 calendars @ $10 each year to cover
> > 1/12th the cost of that years bandwidth though..
> We could also find out who is buying to support evolt.org and who
> is buying
> because they also want a calendar (I don't use a mousepad or
> calendar FWIW).
> Are we better off if people directly contribute the $10?
> And while a calendar at your desk is going to (to some extent) market the
> name, there might be more efficient options (postcards/packs
> distributed to
> programming and design studios, etc).

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