[Theforum] sponsorships

Lachlan Cannon luminosity at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 05:55:14 CDT 2002

Dean Mah said:

> However, if sponsorship is a route that everyone wants to take, I
> would suggest that we not:
> * have banner ads of any kind.
> * do not allow a bias to creep in.
> * do not post links from the front page.
> * do not add more than a few lines to the footer of the list.
> * do not favour members from sponsored sites.
> * do not allow sponsors to be placed in a position of more power than
>  ordinary members.
> * do not allow sponsors to dictate any terms outside of the initial
>  sponsorship agreement, e.g., content approval, list moderation,
>  backend or frontend choices.
+1 (except maybe front page as per isaac's sidebar suggestion).

I also feel that if evolt can get the money, we should aim for independence
with all we do - that is host the evolt boxes, have finance provided by
everyone. This way evolt.org is not at mercy if that person meets an
accident, or decides to move away from evolt.org and evolt.org finds it has
no other way to support itself. Diversity will always always be better. (no
personal shots, Dan, I just feel it's always best to be safe rather than

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