[Theforum] Re: Case study: Monkey Speak

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 30 09:06:56 CDT 2002

> > i'd keep it straightforward and instantly understandable:
> >
> > frontend (replaces monkeysee)
> > backend (run)
> > articles (speak)
> > pr/propaganda (hear)
> > finance (do)
> >
> > thoughts?

i'd like to weigh in on this real quick...

run/speak/hear/do is *not* instantly understandable...

"do" does not equate to finance in my head...

ultimately, no matter what we call them, i, and i suspect others,
will end up just calling them what they are instead of our cutesy

we've done that before (remember our ministers?  or centers?)...

Read the evolt.org case study
Usability: The Site Speaks for Itself
ISBN: 1904151035

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