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Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Tue Apr 30 09:52:54 CDT 2002

Let me throw this out here ....

I'd like to see us charging the nominal fee for meo accounts as well.  That
idea wasn't as well received as other ideas were.  (If I remember correctly,
of course .. and that's pushing it at the moment).

Is there any compelling reason why *I* can't run with the <tips> calendar
idea?  Are you guys telling me "no" .. concentrate on other areas .. even
though I've already strongly volunteered to do this one project .. and I'm
really not at all interested in dealing with corporate sponsorship .. which
isn't the same as saying I don't support it .. it is saying that I don't
personally want to dedicate my evolt.org time to it.

I keep bringing up this idea as I don't want to see it die.  It's a project
I feel strongly about and one I'm willing to dedicate the necessary hours
to.  By no means is this project a "solve all our problems" sort of thing.
If I could make $5 per calendar profit for evolt.org I'll be happy.

So, let's not turn down ideas just because there may be even better ideas
out there.  I want to run with this .. Ken wants to run with the affiliates
program .. Dan wants his mousepads and other evolt.org branding, kewl, elite
products, etc.

We aren't a corporation that needs to ensure that each of its employees are
spending their working hours on the most important/viable/profit-making
scheme for the company.  We are a group of volunteers, with a wide and
varied set of skills, desires and willingness to contribute back to the


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| > IMHO, we should build a core on MEO/other subscription stuff, and
| > potentially careful corporate sponsorship, and then float the branded
| > products and related ideas on top of that.
| +1

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