[Theforum] Case study: Monkey Speak

Dean Mah dmah at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 30 10:07:52 CDT 2002

Part of the problem with access right now is that for most areas in
evolt.org we don't have the infrastructure to support multiple users
doing administration.  The one major exception is with article review
and approval.  So unfortunately, providing access is giving out the
single password and all access.

Of course, it would make sense to make the change but with all of the
different systems that we have, it won't necessarily be simple or
quick.  See UEUE in thesite archive for the issues already discussed.


Lachlan Cannon writes:

> With regard to the access issue. Why have one password accessto the
> group?  If we're fundamentally changing everything like this why not
> have it on the users table? for example, I join the hardware and
> prove I need access to whatever. Instead of being told the password,
> access is granted for my login (or username/password for shell
> things). If someone comes or goes it has no inconvenience for other
> memebers, it's easier for the sc to administrate access this way if
> it has to (just a web interface, really), and it's one less p/w
> everyone has to remember.

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