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Miriam Frost miriam at members.evolt.org
Tue Apr 30 11:08:51 CDT 2002

>if we truly want donations to be altruistic,
>they should be anonymous and we shouldn't track who sends in what...

Many (most!) theatre[1] companies rely on donations for funding; the "thank
you" lists in the back of the program is a very important part of not only
recognizing donors but also <em>pulling in new money</em>.  Believe it or
not, people DO read those. The people that read them are either the movers &
shakers in a community who want to see who else is in (because they are
there), or are up & comers who are looking to see if they should be in that
crowd. Those recognition pages are a suprisingly powerful tool.  For
example, there are two theatre companies in Green Bay, WI. Ron & Edie
Wolf[2] are listed as "Thrones"[3] donors in one company's program, and do
not donate to the other company. Which theatre company do you think will
draw more monied and powerful audience, and with it, greater donations & and
name recognition?

mwah, mwah!

[1] -- In America it's generally "theater" = building where "theatre" takes
[2] -- Former General Manager of the Green Bay Packers
[3] -- Theatre donors/investors are called "angels." "Thrones" = one of the
higher ranks of angels.

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