[Theforum] 3 Alternative Funding Ideas

Ryan Eby ebyryan at msu.edu
Tue Apr 30 11:52:36 CDT 2002

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> ##  IDEA 3  ##
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> Seeing aardvark's .sig with the link to the Usability book about evolt
> at Amazon (<http://amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/1904151035/>) got me
> thinking:
> Why not create a referral account for evolt at every major online store,
> and politely request that anyone in the evolt community who wants to buy
> something online, from say Amazon or buy.com, would use the referral
> links provided to give a few % of the purchase to evolt? I'd be more
> than willing to use an evolt referral link to continue my DVD buying
> addiction. It's the most non-intrusive way for me to fund evolt - I'm
> buying those DVDs anyway. I've got no problem using evolt's "search
> Amazon's site" box rather than using Amazon's search.
> Hope these ideas help, or at least spark better ones. :-)

Though the income might not be as large or steady as some of the other
options, I like this one a lot. It keeps Evolt independent from any specific
income provider and also allows evolt members who might not otherwise
contribute, actually do so since they were making the purchase anyways. But
what I would really like to see on evolt is a book and/or software review
section. We already have occasional articles on software as it comes out and
book recommendations come up on thelist all the time and it would be nice to
have them all in one place, and maybe even have them rated by evolt members.
If I was trying to find a good PHP book and saw a good review plus good
ratings by my fellow evolters, I would be likely to buy. I would also be
more that happy to follow a link at the end of the review to "Buy this book
from one of these online retailers and support Evolt in the process." Just
my thoughts.

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